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Ariens Generator Fuel Shut Off Valve
PartSelect Number PS9938137
Manufacturer Part Number 308459002
This fuel shut-off valve, also known as a fuel valve or fuel selector valve, is an OEM replacement part designed for use in generators. The valve controls the flow of fuel to the engine. When the valve is in the on position, fuel flows to the engine, enabling it to run. When the valve is in the off position the flow of fuel stops and the generator shuts down. Over time the valve may become clogged or damaged, and unable to fully close or open. Once the fuel shut off valve is no longer functioning, the generator will leak fuel, and may have difficulty in starting or running. Before replacing the valve, first disconnect the fuel line and place a container below the fuel tank to allow the fuel to drain out. Detach the old fuel shut off valve and install the new one in its place. Apply thread sealant to the new valve for a good seal and reattach the fuel line. Refill your tank with fresh fuel and run the equipment to ensure there are no more leakages.
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Ariens Generator Hitch Pin
PartSelect Number PS9995925
Manufacturer Part Number 678146002
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Ariens Generator Fuel Tank Bushing
PartSelect Number PS9938956
Manufacturer Part Number 310225001

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