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CLIP- Complete
PartSelect Number PS2060907
Manufacturer Part Number 61005561
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PartSelect Number PS11753208
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10339879
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William from Oriskany, NY
The old blade separated from the shaft.
Removed all screws from the outside case, then I had access to the motor. Removed 4 screws from the bracket holding the motor assembly in place, removed it from the case. Next I pulled off the broken fan part, installed the new blade and secured it with the supplied bracket. Next I installed the motor assembly in reverse with the 4 screws I removed earlier. I made sure the blade would move freely, no wire in the way. Also, when you remove the motor assembly you will have to remove the motor wires from their attachment points, but is easy, they are just "plugged" in. In any case I recommend you make a small drawing/schematic as to where the wires go for proper hookup later. The last thing is to put the case cover back on, line up the holes and insert the screws you removed earlier. The unit has been running like new now!! Read more...
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Condensor Fan Blade - Black
PartSelect Number PS11757435
Manufacturer Part Number WPY01110041
This fan blade is used with some dehumidifiers. At just under 10 inches long, it is black and comes with a retaining clip and screw. This part may bend or break over time and will need to be replaced. If the fan blade is not working you will not hear the fan blowing air across the coils when it is turned on. This could cause the dehumidifier to freeze up. You will need to remove the front panel and take the motor out to access this part. This is an OEM part that comes right from the manufacturer.

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