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Removing the water filter from the upper inside corner of Maytag brand refrigerators:

Common Maytag brand Water Filter Removing and replacing a water filter - upper right hand corner location

Filters situated in the upper right hand corner of the refrigerator compartment of Maytag-built side-by-side refrigerators are relatively simple to replace. Follow these steps:

  • These eight inch long filters are housed in their own compartment. The base of the compartment can be released by pushing in on the release clip found at the end of the housing unit. Allow the base of the housing compartment to hang down while you remove and replace your filter.
  • Twist the spent filter to the left (counter-clockwise) and gently pull on it to remove it. There is an automatic water shut off to keep leaks and spills to a minimum.
  • Remove the new filter from its packaging. Remove the plastic wrap, and peel off the aluminum topping. Insert the new filter into the housing unit. Twist the filter to the right (clockwise) until it clicks into place. Replace the base of the filter housing by cliping it back in place.
  • Condition the filter by dispensing several glasses of water through your refrigerator. This ensures that all fine carbon particles have been removed.
  • Check the filter and the inside of the refrigerator for leaks. If you find a leak, remove and install the filter again.
  • Finally, reset the 'change filter' indicator light, if your refrigerator has one, at the front of your refrigerator. The procedure for resetting the change filter indicator light can vary from fridge to fridge. Typically, the indicator light can be reset by holding down on the 'lock' button and the 'water' button simultaneously for three seconds. Sometimes, it is the 'lock' and the 'light' button you need to press down on simultaneously for three seconds in order to reset the filter indicator light.

Note: Replacing this type of filter is a quick process - there is no need to unplug your refrigerator when replacing it. Also, this filter should be replaced every six months.