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Removing a water filter from the inside liner of your Whirlpool brand refrigerator:

Removing and replacing a water filter - inside liner location

Filters situated in the interior liner of the refrigerator compartment of Whirlpool-built side-by-side refrigerators are relatively simple to replace. Follow these steps:

  1. Grasp the filter and make a one quarter turn to the left. There should be an indicator line located on the filter bracket cover. The install mark on the filter itself will line up with this indicator line.

  2. Pull down gently on the filter to remove it from the mounting bracket assembly. Be careful to not tip the filter, as water may spill out of it.

  3. Discard the used filter.

  4. Remove the new filter from its packaging, and remove the red plastic cap from filter cartridge.

  5. Apply the appropriate month sticker to the filter to remind yourself to change it again in six months' time.

  6. Line the install mark on the filter up with the indicator line found on the filter bracket cover. Push up on the filter. Turn the filter a quarter turn to the right to lock it in place. The remove mark on the filter should line up with the indicator line of the filter bracket cover.

Note: Replacing this type of filter is quick - there is no need to unplug your refrigerator when replacing it. Also, this filter should be replaced every six months.