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Blower Wheel

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PartSelect Number PS282699
Manufacturer Part Number WP73X10005
Manufactured by GE

Also known as Centrifugal Fan.

This part works with the following brands: General Electric.

This part works with the following products: Air Conditioner.

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Model Cross Reference

This part works with the following models:

PartSelect Number: PS282699
Manufacturer Part Number: WP73X10005
Brand Model Number Description
General ElectricAZ22E12D2BM2Air Conditioner - Zoneline
General ElectricAZ22E12D2BM3Air Conditioner
General ElectricAZ22E12D2CM2Air Conditioner - Zoneline
General ElectricAZ22E12D2CM3Air Conditioner
General ElectricAZ22E12D2PM2Air Conditioner - Room
General ElectricAZ22E12D2PM3Air Conditioner - Room
General ElectricAZ22E12D3BM2Air Conditioner - Zoneline
General ElectricAZ22E12D3BM3Air Conditioner
General ElectricAZ22E12D3CM2Air Conditioner - Zoneline
General ElectricAZ22E12D3CM3Air Conditioner
General ElectricAZ22E12D3PM2Air Conditioner - Room
General ElectricAZ22E12D3PM3Air Conditioner - Room
General ElectricAZ22E12D5BM2Air Conditioner - Zoneline
General ElectricAZ22E12D5BM3Air Conditioner
General ElectricAZ22E12D5CM2Air Conditioner - Room
General ElectricAZ22E12D5CM3Air Conditioner - Room
General ElectricAZ22E12E2BM3Air Conditioner
General ElectricAZ22E12E2CM3Air Conditioner
General ElectricAZ22E12E2PM2Air Conditioner - Room
General ElectricAZ22E12E2PM3Air Conditioner - Room
General ElectricAZ22E12E3BM3Air Conditioner
General ElectricAZ22E12E3CM3Air Conditioner
General ElectricAZ22E12E3PM2Air Conditioner - Room
General ElectricAZ22E12E3PM3Air Conditioner - Room
General ElectricAZ22E12E4BM3Air Conditioner
General ElectricAZ22E12E4CM3Air Conditioner
General ElectricAZ22E12E4PM2Air Conditioner - Room
General ElectricAZ22E12E4PM3Air Conditioner - Room
General ElectricAZ22E12E5BM3Air Conditioner
General ElectricAZ22E12E5CM2Air Conditioner - Room