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All Instructions for the 4KB25G1XOB5
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Broken Bevel Gear

  • Customer: robert from cypress CA
  • Difficulty: A Bit Difficult
  • Time to Complete: 1- 2 hours
  • Tools Required: Screw drivers
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You must have new bevel gear and can of food grade grease, ordered together. 1. Remove screw from back of mixer, holding the trim band; remove band. 2. Remove four screws holding the top cover. 3. Remover cover 4. Remove two screws holding the PC board and motor speed control; lift board out of the way. 5. Remove four screws holding gear cover; remove cover. 6. Remove as much gear grease as is accessible; discard. 7. Remove snap ring from vertical shaft holding bevel gear. 8. Remove horizontal shaft/gear by lifting straight up. 9. Remove bevel gear by sliding up shaft. 10. Remove cross pin holding lower gear. 11. Remove lower gear by sliding up shaft. 12. Remove vertical shaft and rotating head by tapping on top of shaft. 13. Clean all grease from gear case and on all gears (ground metal from bevel gear will be in this grease). 14. Clean all grease from inside gear cover. 15. Making certain gear case is now clean of all old grease, use putty knife to place grease in bottom of gear case. 16. Rub light coat of grease on vertical shaft and slide shaft back up into bottom housing. 17. Slide lower bearing back down vertical shaft. 18. Reinstall cross pin holding lower gear. 19. Place grease on lower gear. 20. Slide bevel gear down vertical shaft, making certain recess in underside of bevel gear lines up and sits completely over top of lower gear; when the bevel gear is fuly seated the snap ring groove will just be showing on the vertical shaft. 21. Reinstall snap ring. 22. Lightly grease shaft of both ends og horizontal shaft/gear; make certain ball bearing on front of shaft is also greased. 23. Slide ball bearing, spacer and bronze bushing on front of horizontal shaft. 24. Silde bronze bushing on opposite end of horizontal shaft (flange on bronze bushing is placed facing the gear). 25. Place assembled horizontal shaft/gear into lower gear housing. 26. Liberally grease all gears, 27. Replace gear cover, replace screws. 28. Replace PC board and motor speed control. 29. Plug mixer in and run on lowest speed for at least 10 minutes;increase speed until satisfied gears ar running smoothly. 30. replace top cover and trim band. BAKE SOMETHING
All Instructions for the 4KB25G1XOB5
106-106 of 106