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Loose change entered drain pump, cracked housing leaked all water out

  • Customer: ROBERT from BARRINGTON, IL
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time to Complete: 30 - 60 mins
  • Tools Required: Nutdriver, Socket set
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Disconnect power, hot/cold supply and drain hose. Tip washer onto front side, expect some additional water to leak out. Remove the cracked drain pump, 3 screws, hose clamps, and electrical plug.

Tip washer back up, use the putty knife to pop the top cover up (clips are about 6.5in in from sides). Unclip the white plastic cover over the outer and inner tubs. Pop the center cap from inside the inner tub, exposing the bolt holding the inner tub down. Remove bolt, pull inner tub up and out.

At bottom of outer tub remove 2 screws from drain access cover, should find some change under there (or in the pump).

Re-assemble using new pump.

Before new pump arrived I was able to use some silicone sealant, epoxy, and black tape to temporarily fix the cracked pump housing after pulling it out.

Washer always stopped at the 47th and 24th minute of each load and display F1 error code. I would have to press "cancel" and then "start" a few times for it to continue.

  • Customer: James from Turnersville, NJ
  • Difficulty: Really Easy
  • Time to Complete: 15 - 30 mins
  • Tools Required: Pliers, Screw drivers
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Removed the dial control top covering by unscrewing the 3 screws in the back of the cover. Once the cover was off, the control module was exposed and all I had to do was:

1. Disconnect the wires that were plugged into the control module

2. Remove the old module. There was 1 screw holding it in place.

3. Replace with the new module. Put back the screw back.

4. Reconnect the wires. There was about a 8 different plugs that needed to reconnected. So I took a few pictures of how the wires were connected/plugged in, with my compact camera (just in case I forgot where each went). I didn't need to use the pictures, but it was just a safety net in case I forgot where each went.

Water pump for draining

  • Customer: Kerry from Alleyton, tX, TX
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time to Complete: 30 - 60 mins
  • Tools Required: Nutdriver, Pliers, Socket set
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The actual install of the pump was extremely easy. I removed the back cover, (After unhooking water, drain and electricity. I laid the machine on its front ( USE CAUTION WHEN DOING THIS, THERE ARE SHARP EDGES on the FRAME) After bandaging my cut fingers, I used a nut-driver/screwdriver to remove the screws, pliers to remove the Spring clamps, unhooked the wiring( its a single plug in) and reverse the procedure for installing.

I saw where a person had put the screws in the filter below the tub. I had to find the clips on the front of the machine, (about 7 in in from the sides) I removed the nut cover on the agitator, used a socket to remove the agitator, tub, and a nut driver to remove the filter. I found 3 areas where coins could get through the drain filter, and I used self tapping screws to make an obstruction that water could get through but not the coins. I reinstalled tub. Before re installing the agitator, I got some fiber glass window screening and cut a piece to go over the drain slots in the bottom of the tub but under the agitator, then reinstalled the agitator.

I noticed that the new pump had more re enforcing at the areas where the 1st pump broke. I doubt that it will break, but I am not taking any chances. I put the screen in to prevent the coins from getting to the drain filer 1st and the back up was the screws in the drain filter.

Within 10 minutes of starting the washer, it would stop. Grreen flashing lights and F1 error code appeared.

  • Customer: Arthur from Linden, NJ
  • Difficulty: Really Easy
  • Time to Complete: Less than 15 mins
  • Tools Required: Screw drivers
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Someone on Google suggested holding the stop button and the start button at the same time for 60 seconds as a way of by passing the problem. This did work but soon became a pain each time we used the washer.Installing the new part was super easy. Three screws hold the cover on, one screw holds the part in place and all the plug- ins are marked by color as to where they go. Pretty hard to mess it up.I did take a few digital pictures before just in case.

Original drain pump housing broke causing leak all over laundry room floor

  • Customer: tom from Vienna, VA
  • Difficulty: Really Easy
  • Time to Complete: 15 - 30 mins
  • Tools Required: Nutdriver, Pliers, Screw drivers
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What a mess!
Unplug the unit, disconnect the hot and cold water supply lines. Remove the drain hose from the wall and slide the unit away from the wall.
It's easier if you lay the unit on it's side, but not required.
Using the flat blade screwdriver, or a 1/4" nut driver, remove the 8 bolts that hold the back cover and lay that aside.
Locate the leaky pump. There are 2. One is the supply pump. One is the waste drain pump and they are not interchangeable.
Using the pliers, slide the spring clamps off of the 2 hoses connected to the pump.
Using a phillips-head screw driver, remove the 3 screws holding the pump to the unit.
Hinge open the cover to the electrical supply for the pump and pull out the connector. It only goes on one way, so reassembly is not an issue.
Throw pump across the street.
Take new pump and reverse instructions above.

cracked water pump from change

  • Customer: Kevin from Mount Gilead, OH
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time to Complete: 15 - 30 mins
  • Tools Required: Screw drivers, Socket set
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first flipped washeron its front, took water pump off, put new water pump on and flipped it back upright.
then took basket out of washer to get remaining change out of washer. fairly simple the third time it has to be done,
I also put two short screws into the suction screen of the pump so that no change can reach the pump anymore

Replaced main control due to F1 error code.

  • Customer: Jenny from Stone Mountain, GA
  • Difficulty: Really Easy
  • Time to Complete: 15 - 30 mins
  • Tools Required:
  • 25 of 32 people found this instruction helpful
Followed the directions given in other client reviews. It was easy and works perfectly now.

Control panel

  • Customer: Richard from Cartersville, GA
  • Difficulty: Really Easy
  • Time to Complete: Less than 15 mins
  • Tools Required: Nutdriver, Screw drivers
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Google seach and search on Parts Select. Easy repair

Water drain pump leaks

  • Customer: Kevin from Scribner, NE
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time to Complete: 30 - 60 mins
  • Tools Required: Nutdriver, Pliers, Screw drivers, Socket set
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This is the second time that I had to replace this pump. The plastic pumps do not handle pocket change very well.Unplug machine,disconnect water lines and discharge flex hose.Tip machine over to front side to gain access to pump.Remove back panel of washer(8 screws). Remove the three screws and hose clamps.Unplug power to pump. Look for coins in pump and in bottom of washer tub.Remove coins if you can.Install new pump and replace back panel.Tip machine back up right.To make sure that I had removed all coins I had to remove stainless steel tub.Use putty knife to release clips that hold the top of washer.These are about 6" in from both sides of front .Push in and lift top away and back.Remove plastic around out side of basket.It just snaps off. Pry off center cap in bottom of basket. Remove nut with socket wrench.It might be pretty snug.Lift out basket. This might be snug also but it will come out.Now you have access to whatever may be entering your pump. I found a quarter and a penny . Remove plastic cover at bottom of tub (2 screws). This is where I found the penny.Good time to clean washer is now. Mine was really scuzzy.Put everything back together and you are good to go.Make sure to check pockets for that loose change,so you don't have to do this a second time.

would not pump out water

  • Customer: Phil from Bordentown, NJ
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time to Complete: 1- 2 hours
  • Tools Required: Nutdriver, Screw drivers, Socket set
  • 19 of 21 people found this instruction helpful
remove back cover plate to access pump replacement of the pump is rather simple the time consumption was because when I examined the pump I found a nickel which wiped out the impeller on the pump after further examination I found other small change in the suction side of the pump unit As a result of this I had to remove the barrel to further clean the reservoir to avoid damaging the new pump.I have repsaired this washer no less than six times over the years.This is a very poorly designed unit for the cost Thank you for the rapid delivery of the part.This wont be the last time I deal your on line service was excellent.Luckily my mechanical experience saved me a ton of money.

Scratches in Surface

  • Customer: Michelle from Richardson, TX
  • Difficulty: Really Easy
  • Time to Complete: Less than 15 mins
  • Tools Required:
  • 19 of 23 people found this instruction helpful
This product comes in a bottle with a brush like Liquid Paper. It goes on incredibly easy. A second coat might be needed. I wanted to prevent rust from setting in so I covered the scratches and dings. The paint is a little brighter since my washer is 10 years old but it still looks great.

coin in drain pump put a hole in casing

  • Customer: jon from hannibal, NY
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time to Complete: 30 - 60 mins
  • Tools Required: Nutdriver, Pliers, Socket set
  • 12 of 15 people found this instruction helpful
unscrew all the screws on the back of your cabrio washer just the bottom portion to access the drain pump which is located on bottom left underside of the wash drum, the drum on mine is plastic or plastic shroud i guess , theres 3 screws that hold the pump into place, also 2 hose clamps, and the power source, the cap that covers the power source is a bit of a pain to unsnap do this part last cause you'll be able to pull it out from under the drum and get to it easier. once the pump is free just do everything in reverse and you'll be good to go in about 30 to 40 mins . one more thing dont try to caulk or seal on the one thats broke its a lost cause just replace it and make sure like i have been lol no coins left in your pockets before they get washed......whirlpool cabrio other number i got off sticker besides model number is type 580 hope this is helpfull

Drain Pump Leaking

  • Customer: Shaun from Central Valley, NY
  • Difficulty: Really Easy
  • Time to Complete: 15 - 30 mins
  • Tools Required: Nutdriver, Pliers, Screw drivers
  • 9 of 9 people found this instruction helpful
Was pretty strait forward. Took the back panel off, removed the 3 mount screws and 2 clamps on the pump, and swapped it all out. Only thing, Paid for 2 day air shipping, took a week for the part to come in. But it was still faster and cheaper then my local parts dealer.

oL code after relocation

  • Customer: Vincent from Jackson, TN
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time to Complete: 30 - 60 mins
  • Tools Required: Nutdriver, Pliers, Screw drivers, Socket set, Wrench (Adjustable)
  • 18 of 36 people found this instruction helpful
Removed back cover plate.
Replaced wiring harness starting at control unit and working down to the motor. Replaced sensor on motor.
Removed basket, checked for obstructions.
Reassembled machine, conducted diagnostic testing.

Slow leak from a cracked drain pump

  • Customer: Sarah from Olympia, WA
  • Difficulty: A Bit Difficult
  • Time to Complete: More than 2 hours
  • Tools Required: Pliers, Screw drivers, Wrench (Adjustable)
  • 7 of 8 people found this instruction helpful
I wasn't able to turn the washer on it's side or front, and instead had to prop it slightly up on cinder blocks due to the configuration of my laundry room. The actual repair was fairly simple, had the clamps supplied been easy to manuever, but they were not. The clamp that goes around the hose from the pump into the inlet valve wouldn't go down around the valve where it was supposed to. I had it too far up, so when I ran the washer, the whole hose popped out and flooded my laundry room. My husband suggested a better clamp, the type that actually opens and you can tighten with a screw system. $2.16 at Lowes. 2nd attempt at repair was successful, and so far no leaks. yourself some time and when you get the replacement pump, take those clamps over to Lowes or Home Depot and buy a clamp that you can open fully, slip over the valve, and tighten as much as you need. If I had that type of clamp to begin with, this project would have taken an hour, tops. And by the way, I'm a 36 year old woman with NO experience fixing appliances, but plenty of experience paying other people too much money to fix things that never should have broken in the first place!
All Instructions for the 11027042603
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