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Popular KitchenAid Dehumidifier Parts

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Water Inlet Hose Washer
PartSelect Number PS11738697
Manufacturer Part Number WP16123
If your clothes washer is leaking, it is likely that there could be an issue with one of the hoses. If the hoses are in working order, you should check the washers connecting the hose to your unit. Rubber washers are tasked with enhancing the seal between the hose and washer. A faulty or damaged washer will not be able to perform this properly, and water will be able to leak from the poor connection. This OEM part is sold individually, so make sure you order the quantity that is needed. The washer measures 1 1/16 inches x 5/8 inches.
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Installation Instructions
Kyle from Wimauma, FL says,

Black Cam was bren on lower door hinge
This was a very simple job. Remove the top Hinge bracket, a total of 4 screws, lifted the door off the bottom hinge, removed the bottom hinge set up, 2 screws, replaced it, and attached the new bottom...read more

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Condensation Drip Pan
PartSelect Number PS11746885
Manufacturer Part Number WP951901
This part is found in your dehumidifier or air conditioner appliance. The dehumidifier reduces the humidity level in your home by pulling in the air through the unit. The condensation then builds up and lands into this bucket. The bucket catches the water that drips from the evaporator. This bucket is dark brown in color and weighs approximately 5 lbs, is 13 inches in length, 5 inches in width, and 9 inches in height. No tools are necessary for its replacement, it simply slides into place. This product is a genuine OEM product that comes directly from the manufacturer.
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No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
Chris from Pompano Beach, FL says,

Water in bottom of dishwasher
Disconnected power. Shut off water supply. Took off the front, disconnected copper supply line and flexible water line, removed water inlet valve. Took elbow from old inlet valve and put in on new one...read more

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