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FUSE, THERMAL (Thermal Fuse)

Part Number PS11741460

This part is a one-time use thermal fuse which attaches to the blower wheel housing of your clothes dryer. It cannot be re-set and must be replaced when continuity between the pins is no longer present. Terminal size is 3/16".

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BELT, DRIVE (Multi Rib Belt - 92-1/4")

Part Number PS346995

This dryer drum belt has four ridges, three grooves and is 1/4" wide.

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THERMOSTAT, INTERNAL BIAS (Thermostat, Internal-Bias)

Part Number PS11741405

Cycling thermostats continually cycle the heating element off and on to maintain a constant inner temperature. This particular cycling thermostat has a limit of 155 degrees Fahrenheit and a differential of 25 degrees. Meaning that with this thermostat, the heating element will cut out at 155 degrees and cycle back on once the internal temperature drops by 25 degrees.

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STRIKE, DOOR (Door Catch Kit)

Part Number PS334230

This kit contains two door strikes, and various door catches to service dryer doors that have one or two catches.

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ROLLER, SUPPORT (Drum Support Rollers)

Part Number PS347627

These two drum support rollers are no longer available for individual sale. Available in a package of two and it is recommended that you replace both rollers at once. These two rollers come with four tri-rings and one palnut.

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Part Number PS334278

This kit includes one high limit thermostat with a limit of 250 degrees Fahrenheit, and one thermal cut-off fuse with a limit of 360 degrees Fahrenheit. The thermostat and fuse help prevent the dryer from overheating.

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HEATER ELEMENT (Heating Element)

Part Number PS11742505

This element carries 5200W and 240V. Note: This element no longer includes two terminals and two adapter leads. They must be ordered separately.

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IDLER & PULLEY ASSEMBLY (Idler Pulley Assembly)

Part Number PS11743765

This part provides the tension required for a multi-ribbed belt. It also serves to help the belt to rotate the drum. This arm is what attaches to the idler pulley wheel.

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WHITE (Lint Filter)

Part Number PS11757278

This filter collects lint as it passes through the dryer vent. Note: This part has been updated by the manufacturer. It may appear different but will still function the same as the original.

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FOOT, DRYER (PLASTIC) (4) (Leveling Foot)

Part Number PS1609293

Sold individually.

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MOTOR ASSEMBLY 60 HZ. (Drive Motor with Pulley)

Part Number PS334304

This motor fits most Whirlpool incorporated dryer brands before 1996. NOTE: Pulley is NOT available separately.

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RING, TRI (Tri Ring)

Part Number PS11755850

Sold individually.

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Part Number PS334206

This kit is used for electric clothes dryers, and it comes with a yellow wire nut.

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SCREW, 8A X 3/8 (Screw, 8/18 x 3/8)

Part Number PS11746840

This screw is sold individually.

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SWITCH, DOOR (Lid Switch)

Part Number PS11723153

This two and a half inch long lid switch is used for washing machines that do not have a tub light.

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1-15 of 118