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Did You Know?

  • It is estimated there are more than 70 million feral cats in the United States with thousands more abandoned every year.

  • Feral cats only live 2-5 years, if they survive past kittenhood. However, cats in loving homes can live as long as 12-18 years.

  • A female feral cat can give birth to hundreds of kittens during her lifetime, which is why it's so important to spay or neuter your cat.

Why Alley Cat Rescue (ACR)?

  • ACR is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of all cats: domestic, stray, feral and abandoned.

  • ACR not only helps rehabilitate and adopt homeless cats, but they also actively rescue stray cats from the streets.

  • They support Trap-Neuter-Return programs which aim to control feral cat population through neutering, rather than euthanasia.

  • On average, it takes $40.00 to spay/neuter a stray or feral cat and begin rehabilitation. At $5.00 per entry, it takes eight entries to save one cat from the streets.