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Congratulations to the latest winners of our Share Your Repair Giveaway! On the 1st of every month, we’re giving away a $100 Lowe’s gift card to one lucky customer who shares their repair experience on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.


September 2013 - Ms. Margaret Knox, Savannah Georgia

August 2013 - Ms. Tracy Weissend, Flint, Michigan

July 2013 - Mr. Alex Schneidinger, East Point, Georgia

June 2013 - Mr. Andrew Brummer, Austin, Texas

May 2013 - Mr. Michael Jacobs, Marietta, Georgia

April 2013 - Ms. Natalie Diaz, New York City, New York

March 2013 - Mr. Bobby Redfern, Columbia, South Carolina

February 2013 - Mr. Kraig Reed, Enid, Oklahoma

January 2013 - Mr. Apolonio Mendoza, Morrisonville, New York

December 2012 - Mr. John Cooper, Blackstone, Massachusetts

November 2012 - Mr. Blaine Dells - Flemingsburg, Kentucky

October 2012 - Mr. Ron Estes - Miamisburg, Ohio

September 2012 - Ms. Billie Gomes - Badger, California

August 2012 - Mr. John Blue - Indianapolis, Indiana

July 2012 - Ms. Jackie Christensen - Nephi, Utah

June 2012 - Ms. Cheryl Torres - Rockland, Massachusetts

May 2012 - Mr. Jeff Majetich - Sherwood, Wisconsin

April 2012 - Mr. Grant Magnuson - San Diego, California

Not a customer yet? We’d still love for you to join the discussion using the hashtag #RepairShare, or on our Facebook and Google+ pages. Good luck with your repair!

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